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Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

 Lasconi Translation is committed to provide the highest quality of Interpretation Services to all of our customers.

Our core values are the foundation of our company, essential to our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision.

About Us



We provide services of the highest quality from initial communication, through the translation and interpretation project and after. Most of our business is from existing clientele and through referrals from satisfied customers.

  • Accuracy
    We ensure both technical and message accuracy of our translations and interpretations by employing the most qualified and experienced professionals in the field.

  • Timeliness
    Jobs and assignments are carefully considered to ensure they are completed in a timely manner.

  • Price
    Our prices are reasonable and represent the highest value-for-money when compared to our competitors.

  • Translations
    Our professional translators have specific industry knowledge and experience.

  • Interpretations
    We employ trained and experienced interpreters who provide factually and culturally accurate interpretations. 



Interpretation is understood as the “translation” of the spoken word.  In this multicultural environment and globalized economy, the need for these services arise frequently.


In an interpretation session, it’s important to transmit the information from the presenter or “source” to the recipient/s or “target” accurately.  To do so requires great skill on the part of the interpreter; not only in the understanding and translation of the language, but also in conveying the emotions and feelings imparted by the source.

Why working with us?

Because we go the extra mile to make it easy for you to get culturally correct Language Translation Services.

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We love our customers, so feel free to contact us anytime  during normal business hours.

Lasconi Translation

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